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form 20 design and furnishings
point 3 construction and consulting

fit plans. Does the space you’re considering fit your needs and brand? We can help with space assessment, due diligence, compliance with state/local regulations.

space plans. You found the perfect space! Let’s get to work on properly allocating every square foot — entry, lobbies, back of house. Functionality, branding, security, flow, guest experience.

furniture plans. Ensuring your environment is created holistically, we work with our trusted industry partnerships and local fabricators to help create a retail experience that sets your brand apart. Customization doesn?t have to break your budget and it reinvests in your community.

finish selection. Flooring, wall covering, lighting — this is where your brand flourishes. With thousands of options in fabric, colors, details...the options can become overwhelming. Curating the perfect blend of unique products & finishes helps establish a cohesive brand message.

renderings/3D imagery. All the floor plans, 2D drawings, links to furniture online, and tactile finishes can’t replace an accurate rendering of your future space.

project coordination. The key to a smoothly run project is coordination and collaboration! When breaking down all the components of a well-run project — from concept to completion — we manage the details. From staying in contact and quality control with our trades, vendors & manufacturers to maintaining schedules, and anticipating our client’s needs.

procurement. Let’s order this! Our talented local fabricators, millworkers, and vendors will get to work crafting each unique piece for your space. All product is ordered & shipped to our warehouse until we’re ready to install.

installation. This is the BIG day when everything comes to fruition. Our skilled installers receive, deliver and install furniture everything at once to minimize lost, damaged or incorrect product.

finish out. Artwork, accessories, and product merchandising. Adding, editing or shifting within the space — tying your vision together with the little touches and details.

pre-project planning. Here to help every step of the way — evaluating potential buildings, budget, & timelines to ensure you have a firm understanding of your project.

permitting. Our expertise and open lines of communication with local building, fire, and utility authorities will streamline the construction process by ensuring all code requirements are a top priority.

quality control. Offering expert supervision from concept to completion ensuring the highest level of fit and finish.

partnerships. Take advantage of our industry experience! We work diligently with our clients, designers, suppliers, and subcontractors to cultivate and maintain long standing relationships.

safety. Our number one priority is the safety of our clients and their employees. We work with trusted security firms during the pre-construction, design, and construction processes to ensure your facility meets all of the safety requirements.

pre-construction services. Working together to define & understand your goals; getting involved in the design process as early as possible enables us to streamline the construction process.

value engineering & project phasing. We understand that financing projects in the cannabis industry can be challenging. Mindful budgeting with a solid understanding of necessary elements to be included during the initial phases is combined with planning for additional elements to be added later.

warranties and maintenance. We strive to create long lasting relationships with our clients. We will address warranty issues as they arise and provide a maintenance plan to keep your facility running like new. If your business expands or new technology comes on line, we are available to retrofit your facility.

creating unique and tailored post-harvest cannabis + hemp + CBD retail experiences